Facts About Gypsum Recyling

Gypsum Mining.Gypsum Improves Compacted Soil - Gypsum can help break up compacted soil and decrease penetrometer resistance. Combination with organic amendments also helps, especially in preventing return of the compaction.

Gypsum Makes Slightly Wet Soils Easier to Till - Soils that have been treated with gypsum have a wider range of soil moisture levels where it is safe to till without danger of compaction or deflocculation.

Gypsum Stops Water Runoff and Erosion - Gypsum improves water infiltration rates into soils and also the hydraulic conductivity of the soil.

Gypsum Increases the Stability of Soil Organic Matter - Gypsum is a source of calcium which is a major mechanism that binds soil organic matter to clay in soil which gives stability to soil aggregates.

Gypsum Makes Water-Soluble Polymer Soil Conditioners More Effective - Gypsum complements or even magnifies the beneficial effects of water soluble polymers used as amendments to improve soil structure.

Gypsum Makes Excess Magnesium Non-Toxic - In soils having unfavorable calcium magnesium ratios, such as serpentine soils, gypsum can create a more favorable ratio.

Gypsum Corrects Subsoil Acidity - Gypsum can improve some acid soils even beyond what lime can do for them. Surface crusting can be prevented. Gypsum is now being widely used on acid soils.

Gypsum RockGypsum Can Enhance the Values of Liming - Addition to soil together with time increased crop yields. The combination also decreased leaching tosses of potassium and magnesium.

Gypsum Improves Water-Use Efficiency - Gypsum increases water-use efficiency of crops. In areas and times of drought, this is extremely important. Improved water infiltration rates, improved hydraulic conductivity of soil, better water storage in the soil all lead to deeper rooting and better wateruse efficiency. From 25 to 100 percent more water is available ingypsumtreated soils than in non-treated soils.

Gypsum Creates Favorable Soil EC - Gypsum, being readily soluble, results in proper buffered solute concentration (EC) in soil to maintain soil in a flocculated state. It is better environmentally and economically to maintain the needed EC with gypsum than with excess application of fertilizers.

Drywall waste recycling.Gypsum Makes it Possible to Efficiently Use Low Quality Irrigation Water - Use of reclaimed municipal waste water is important for conservation of natural resources. Reclaimed water can be satisfactorily used if amendments, such as gypsum and water-soluble polymers, are also used